This post is meant to accompany the video called “What’s in my Camera Bag?” that I posted to my YouTube Channel.  If you want to see that video check it out below.

I get asked gear questions more than anything.  And, the honest truth is that I don’t really like answering photography gear related questions because I think that gear doesn’t matter all that much. Sure, as you grow as a photographer your gear will need to grow with you.  But there is no point in having great photo gear in your camera bag unless you’re getting the most out of it.

Still, I wanted to list all the gear in a list form in case you missed some of the pieces in the video.

So, here’s ALL my photography gear:


Camera Bodies






Camera Bag


What’s Coming Up on the Channel?

As you probably gathered from the “what’s in my camera bag” video, I’m in Tbilisi, Georgia along with Jodie and our friends Greg and Nellie.  We’re actually here for 3 weeks. The plan is to kind of get caught up on work and also explore some parts of the countryside when we get the chance.  I’m moving on to slow travel a little bit which is actually really nice so far.  It allows me to focus more of my energy on things list this post and my business.

Come to Crete!

I also just want to remind you all that I have a photography clinic in Europe in September. There are still a couple spots left.  So, if you’d like to come be sure you check here for information.

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