Where to See the Northern Lights

It’s hard to imagine a more spectacular sight than the northern lights.  They are so mysterious to many, and their beauty shines without a doubt.  Watching the waves of colour dance among the stars in the night sky is as rewarding an experience as exists in this world. and should be on everyone’s bucket list.  But where can you go to see the northern lights?  I’ve got you covered on some locations around the world to see the stars at their best.


Finland is likely the most popular of the countries offering trips to see the northern lights.  The tourism industry geared towards trips out to see the beautiful lights are more developed here than other countries as well.  The starting point for most people heading to Finland to see the sky come alive is Lapland which has come alive in tourism activity over the past decade thanks to the fact that many believe that the lights dance more powerfully here than anywhere else in the world.  In terms of ease of exploration, I think that Finland might be the best way to see the lights.


I was lucky enough to grow up in a place that the northern lights tend to dance.  Each winter, if you head to Canada you’ll have a great chance to see them.  However, you should note that going to see the northern lights means going north.  Add to that the fact that these lights come alive only in the winter time means that you need to be prepared for the cold.  Still, northern Canada is a great place to see the lights while also getting to learn about the local Native Canadian history up in the arctic as well.


Northern Lights in Canada


While you can pretty much go anywhere in Scandinavia to see the northern lights, Norway can also offer people a lot more than just the lights.  This is a great place to go and check out some amazing scenery and landscapes at the same time.  Norway is famous for its massively deep fjords and dizzyingly high cliffs.  Combine the possibility to see both landscape and light in one trip and you’ve got yourself a real holiday.  The people of Norway are very much used to catering to tourism, and the treatment you’ll receive in the country is top notch.  Personally, I think that the best adventure you can have in visiting the northern lights is right here in Norway.


Want to really go off the beaten path to see the northern lights?  Look no further than heading to Greenland.  The country is as quirky as they come and it would be a great experience to dive into what life is like on the massive island while at the same time enjoying one of the natural wonders of the world.

Northern Lights in Greenland